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Parent Course

Parenting skills resolving teenage behaviour problems

A four-session group program for parents and carers at Western Psychological Services

All face-to-face group sessions have been suspended until further notice pending Covid19 government guidelines.

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  • Some common ground shared by parents & reasonable expectations to hold about adolescents

  • New understandings of adolescence

  • A three-option model & flow chart for decision-making

  • Building relationship with your teenager and making the best of your non-crisis conversations with them                             

  • Skills for tough conversations for handling those problems you just can’t ignore


Engaging Adolescents is a 4 session group program for parents of adolescents (ages 12 to 21). The program was developed by Australian Psychologist Michael Hawton, author of several excellent books on parenting including Talk Less Listen More.


Engaging Adolescents helps parents learn some skills to make living with their adolescents more peaceful and more enjoyable. The program gives parents information and practical strategies for dealing with adolescent behaviour. Parents learn a process of steps to help with the tough conversations they need to have with their adolescents to negotiate improved behaviour and family harmony.


The trainer for this course is Rozalia Hecht. Rozalia is a Psychologist with extensive experience working with children, adolescents and parents.  Rozalia is a licenced trainer in completed Parentshop’s Engaging Adolescents Program.



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