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COVID 19 UPDATE #1 19.03.2020

Corona Virus might well be trying hard to dominate our lives at the moment but we are doing absolutely everything we can to make sure it doesn't affect your care here at WPS.

What can you expect when you visit us here at WPS?

WPS will be maintaining strict hygiene practices in accordance with government advice. Hand sanitisers and tissues will be available for use in all rooms, and soap and paper hand towels in bathrooms. We will encourage respiratory etiquette (covering the mouth or nose when coughing or sneezing) and we regularly clean all surfaces.

·         All of our staff wash their hands after every appointment.

·         You will also notice plenty of hand sanitizer around our clinic for clients to use when they enter reception and as they leave the clinic

·         None of our psychologists or staff have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and will not attend work if unwell.

·         Many people already bring their own water. Please bring your own hot drinks or water bottles.

·         Please note that currently, we are not aware of any team members nor clients who are required to self-isolate.

What You Can Do?

1. Please advise reception via SMS/phone call ASAP and discuss your upcoming appointment if you've recently returned from overseas or are in contact with a confirmed case or who are having pre-cautionary testing.

2. Please advise us and do not attend if you are feeling unwell (cold, virus, flu, COVID-19).We can advise your psychologist and may be able to organise an alternative (non face to face) consultation for you via phone or computer link.

3. Please attend your appointment at the designated time (wait in car if you are early) to limit your time sitting in our waiting area. We can let you know when your psychologist is ready to take you straight in if you prefer. You are welcome to ask for this via SMS from your appointment confirmation text.

3. Use these resources to work out if you should be tested or should stay home or take further action: 4. Enclose coughs and sneezes in a tissue or your elbow. Dispose of the tissue in bin ASAP.

5. The Government Health Department recommends social distancing and as a result you will be warmly welcomed but for now, we won't be engaging in any contact (eg hand shaking) and if you could be mindful of social distancing etiquette. 

6. Avoid touching your face and avoid direct contact with others, stay 1.5m apart.

Monitor these websites for more info:


While WPS does have our cancellation policy, if you cancel outside of the 24-hour period or cancel due to illness with a medical certificate, there will be no fee charged. If in the unfortunate event you are being assessed or suspected or diagnosed with COVID-19, this requirement is waived. We do however, request you provide us with as much notice as possible as we have a lengthy list of people waiting for appointments.

Positive mental health steps:

WPS recognise that everyone reacts differently to stressful situations and that the emotional impact of a crisis on a person can depend on a multitude of factors. One may feel inundated with information. We recommend:

§  Avoid reading or listening to news that cause you to feel anxious or distressed and to rather take practical steps to prepare your plans and protect yourself and loved ones. 

§    It is also important to gather information from reliable sources such as the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to help you distinguish facts from rumours (see link below).

§  Most importantly, it is crucial to engage in positive self-care and supporting those around you in times of need. Such as being mindful of eating well, good sleep hygiene, maintaining physical exercise and supporting friends and family through this period of uncertainty.

WPS will continue to keep you updated if there are any changes or concerns, however if you have any difficulties at all or have any questions or concerns regarding the above measures please do not hesitate to contact us on 03 9746 8088 or

We have included below a link to the Australian Government website for up to date information and are reviewing the recommendations daily to ensure we are following the latest guidelines.

In order to support your child, who may be experiencing increased anxiety related to COVID-19, you may want to access the following documents:

All the steps we have taken are precautionary and preventative in nature.  By following the Health Department recommendations, we hope to do our part in supporting our clients through this difficult time.  

Please keep an eye on our website for any further updates or info at


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