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Specialist psychology counselling

to meet your needs.


At Western Psychological Services, we offer the convenience of organising Psychologists to provide individual or group counselling services to students at your school. Our psychologists specialise in working with children and adolescents with a range of presenting concerns (e.g., stress, bullying and friendship issues, behavioural concerns, depression, school transition, exam anxiety etc.). Organising a psychologist to visit your school allows for students to have the benefit of seeking support for their mental wellbeing during a crucial period of development.


Our psychologists are also available to liaise with educational staff to discuss ways students can be supported in the classroom. 


We also offer structured parenting programs for parents of students at the school.



Schools Group Programs


The group programs currently offered to groups of students include the Cool Kids program for children, and the group programs currently available for parents of students include the Tuning in to Kids program.


Cool Kids program


The Cool Kids program is designed for children in primary school, approximately in grades 1 through to 6. The program focuses on teaching children (and parents) better ways to manage stress and anxiety. The programs can be delivered in individual or group format. The majority of empirical support for the program has come from research using a group set-up (e.g., Rapee, 2000) but the program has also been delivered with success using an individual format. The cool kids program is typically implemented over 6-10 weeks.


Tuning in to Kids


Tuning in to Kids is a six-week parenting program that can make a positive difference to child development. It can help parents to teach their child about the skills of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is about using your emotions to guide you through the world. It is about being able to use your knowledge of emotions to make decisions, to calm yourself down, to manage anger and conflict, to help you in your relationships with people, to understand what is happening in social situations, and to assist you in any aspects of life and involves you and another person. The programs can be funded by parents, or can be run at a cost to the school. After work hour sessions are available.

Please contact us on 9746 8088 to arrange a meeting with a member of our team to discuss the options available at your school.

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