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COVID 19 - Update #1

19th March 2020

Hi everyone,

thank you to those of you who attended the meetings at WPS on Mon, Tue & Wed (Child Team Only).

The following is  a summary, please add anything Ive missed, or questions.

take care



  • Client Communications: Client email update 1 going out today. This will also go on our Website.

Sign in the waiting room – please observe these hygiene measures


  • Client Appointments: Clients given option to wait in cars or arrive at time of appt. Reception will phone clients when in cars.

Pls be on time for appt to greet client at or near door.


Staff Measures to reduce possibility of infection

  • Covering the mouth or nose when coughing or sneezing. If you sneeze or cough need to wash hands.

  • Please wash hands after each session or sanitise (easier to remember)

  • No contact “greetings” for example hand shaking.

  • Please have own separate utensils, plates, cups, glasses, water bottles ( we have some you can put aside or bring your own)

  • No  provision of hot drinks and water to clients. Email asks they bring their  own.

  • Maintaining distance. Please be mindful of all staff and clients, e.g. reception counter

  • We’ve got rid of soft furnishings in  waiting room. (please see article on COVID – 19 and surfaces attached – thanks Leah)

  • We are wiping down surfaces twice a day (morning and night)

  • Placement of 1 hand sanitiser in each room, reception desk and waiting room



  • Currently Medicare clients can access BB rate  for people in high  risk groups; COVID-19 diagnosis, testing for COVID-19, over 70 years, pregnant people, parents with child under 12 months, ATSI client over 50 yrs.

  • Anyone BB’ing their clients due to hardship or COVID-19 items will be charged a reduced service rate of 30%.

  • NDIS, TPS and TAC clients can access. Workcover clients need to ask their case manager for access to telehealth.

  • We are investigating Face time, Skype, Zoom, Telstra: All but latter  options were discussed at meetings. Zoom sends a link to other for conversation, in contrast with Skype

Fiona is also investigating an apparently relative secure option through Telstra recommended by our IT guy, Ben. More on this soon.

  • There are a range of opinions about offering Telehealth. We have prepared a list based on  our meetings and Alyce/Admin will follow you up if we are not yet clear about what you would like to do here.

  • Looking to develop telehealth option asap as a part of our practice.



  • Will send regular emails and updates on website



  • Toilet Paper: leaving 1 spare toilet roll per bathroom

  • Visuals – sick go home, wash hands – client: you tube attachment …

  • Fiona is speaking to banks and investigating small business packages.

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