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Specialist psychology counselling

to meet your needs.

Consulting Fees

All fees at WPS are discounted from the Australian Psychology Society's recommended fees for psychologists. Our regular fees range from $170.00 to $210.00 and can be rebated via Medicare with a GP referral.


WPS fees are less than those recommended by The Australian Psychological Society which recommends a fee of $267 for a standard 45-60 minute consultation, although psychologists are free to set their own rates.

Our fees are: 


  •  Clinical Consultation Fee is $185 (Essendon $210).

  •  Standard Consultation Fee is $170.

  •  Saturday Standard Consultation Fee is $185.

  •  Payment is made on the day of the consultation.

TPS (Targeted Psychological Sessions)

Some of our psychologists provide services via TPS funding- please see staff profiles. If you have a Health Care Card, your GP can make a referral with your care plan to a funding agency to allocate funding to cover the full cost of your counselling sessions. No out of pocket cost occurs. This service is called TPS (Targeted Psychological Sessions), coordinated in our north western region by CAREinMIND, Melbourne Primary Care Network. General referral approvals can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks for approval depending on referral demand. Most psychologists at WPS can accept client referrals via this funding program, although clients ability to attend during allocated TPS clinic times may need to be navigated when booking your first appointment.

(Nb TPS have specialist funding categories for referrals such as pregnancy/Post Natal Depression issues, Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander clients, children under 12 or Suicide Prevention clients and these referrals are accepted without a client’s requiring a Health Care Card) 


If a client has NDIS funding to include psychology support WPS:

  • WPS charges the NDIS recommended rate of $214.14 for all self and plan managed clients.

  • WPS charge the recommended NDIS $214.14 rate if NDIS self-managed clients choose to claim via a Mental Health Care Plan or via Private Health Insurance. 

  • WPS can support a “review” of their NDIS plan with NDIA to address a shortfall in funding if the client’s NDIS plan does not adequately provide for the client’s needs (the client needs more sessions than previously allocated).

  • If a self-managed NDIS client chooses to utilize their allocated NDIS funding for other allied health providers fees paid above the NDIS recommended rates or access increased session numbers for these services (eg OT, speech or physio services) rather than for the requested allocated psychology sessions, that is the clients choice.

  •  Self-managed NDIS clients can choose to reduce their allocation of WPS psychology sessions and future plans will reflect this reduction of psychology support required. Or they can choose to locate an alternate service provider and navigate an alternate service arrangement.

TAC / Workcover / Victim of Crime

If the nature of your counselling issue is related to a transport accident or work injury, TAC or Workcover may be an option for covering your counselling costs. Likewise if you are a victim of crime, VOCAT applications can include no cost counselling support.

For more information on services with no out of pocket cost, please click here.

Employee Assistance Programs

Some work places offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to their workers, where between 3-6 sessions may be fully funded by the employer. WPS has this arrangement with a number of local employers so you are welcome to enquire about this option with WPS or your employer.

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