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At WPS we have a diverse range of professionals to assist with your needs. This can include, Clinicial clinical, educational and developmental or counselling psychologists, day, evening or weekend appointments. Specialist interests include those related to depression and anxiety, child and adolescent counselling and assessment, relationship, body image, trauma, adolescence, pain and injury, serious mental ill health, work stress, domestic violence, aged and other issues.

To assist your individual needs, WPS request that you contact our friendly administration team via phone, email or in person to discuss making a suitable appointment. Our experienced team will triage your referral to assist in finding the best Psychologist for you. 


NB: From time to time, some Psychologists may have waiting periods. If so, you will be offered the option to see another Psychologist at an earlier time, or be placed on a waiting list for your preferred Psychologist.



Amanda Abbruzzese

Educational & Developmental Psychologist

BA, PostGradDipPsych, MPsych (Ed & Dev)

Age: 5+ years

Melton | Monday

Telehealth Only | Wednesday

Amanda is a registered Educational and Developmental Psychologist. She has experience in both primary and secondary education settings, as well as private practice. Amanda enjoys working collaboratively with children... 

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Liana Brasacchio


BAppSc, GradDipCS, GradDipPsych, BPsych(Hons), MPsych(Clinical)

Age: 5+ years

Melton  |  Monday - Thursday

Liana is a psychologist completing her clinical registrar program to receive her clinical endorsement.  She has worked with children, adolescents and adults experiencing a variety of challenges including anxiety, depression...

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Diane Bulman


B.A., B.Ed. (Counselling) MAPS)

Melton | Age: 18+ years

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Diane is a psychologist who has worked in both public and private settings. She has worked in Crisis Care, sexual abuse recovery and domestic violence agencies.Her special interests are working with adolescents and adults; self development; women’s health; issues of ...


Josh Byrne

Psychologist & Clinical Psychology Registrar

BA,Psych (ABPC), BPsySt(Hons), MPsych(Clinical), MAPS

Melton | Age: 16+ years

Tuesday - Friday 

Josh is a registered psychologist who has completed his Master's of Clinical Psychology. Josh endeavours to create a warm and safe environment while collaboratively working with you. He has a friendly approach towards ...


Jessica Chidgey


B.A. Sc., Grad. Dip. Psych., M. Couns. Psych

Melton | Ages: 16+ years

Wednesday - Friday

Jessica is a Registered Psychologist who holds a Master of Counselling Psychology qualification. She has experience and enjoys working with adolescents and adults experiencing a wide range of difficulties with life transitions, mood...


Anja Copelj

Clinical Psychologist

B.Sci. (Hons), MPsych (Clinical)

Melton | Age: Pregnancy to 12 years

Thursday, some Saturdays

Anja is a Clinical Psychologist who has over 8 years’ experience working with children and their families across various setting and various clinical presentations and difficulties. She has worked in early intervention services, community health...

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Katherine Gayton


Melton |Assessment clinic 

Available now

Not providing counselling services, only available for cognitive assessments and educational assessments.

More information soon

Rozalia Hecht


Educational & Developmental Psychologist

B.Sci.Psych. (Hons.),M.Psych. MAPS, MCEDP 

Melton | Age: 14+ years

Monday, Friday

Rozalia is a Psychologist with specialist training in Educational and Developmental Psychology. Rozalia has worked as a registered Psychologist since 2005, within educational settings at primary & secondary level, and in private ...

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Rebecca Lyons

Clinical Psychologist

BA, BPsych (Hons), MPsych (Clinical), MAPS

Melton | Age: 16+ years

Monday, Wednesday - Friday

Rebecca is a Clinical Psychologist and has worked with in private practice, community mental health and educational settings. Rebecca primarily works with adolescents and adults experiencing a variety of challenges including anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD...

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Suzanne Magtanong

Educational & Developmental Psychologist

BPsych, PostGradDipPsych, MPsych (Ed & Dev)

Melton | Age: 4 - 16 years


Suzanne (she/her) is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist. She has experience working in early intervention, primary and secondary schools and community services. Suzanne is passionate about early detection ...


Lyndon Medina

Counselling Psychologist & Psychodramatist

Assoc. Dip. Welfare, BA (psychology), Grad. Dip. Applied Psych. (Counselling), MAPS, FCCOUNP

Melton | Age: 18+ years

Saturday (Fortnightly)

Lyndon is a Counselling Psychologist and a Psychodramatist. He has been a psychologist for over twenty years and has worked with young people and families in community organisation setting, adults studying in university and ...


Elly Rashidi


BPsych(Hons), MPsych(Clinical), MAPS

Melton | Age: 5+ years

Monday, Tuesday

Elly is a registered psychologist who has completed her Master of Clinical Psychology. Elly’s passion and drive for mental health have helped her become a professionally and academically astute mental health worker. 

Elly has worked with clients with various presentations, including anxiety, depression...

Nikola Photo_edited.jpg

Nikola Sterling


BBsc(Psych) GradDip(Psych)

Age: 13+ years

Telehealth Only | Thursday

Nikola is a psychologist who has completed her masters degree in counselling psychology. Nikola comes from a background of working with young people in various community and educational services in Australia and the U.K. Nikola has also gained experience working in rural... 


Dr. Angelo Pagano

Clinical Psychologist

BA, MBSc.(Prel), DPsych (Clin, Child, Adol & Fam), MAPS, McCLIN

Age: 15+ years

Melton: Monday - Thursday

Angelo is the Director of Western Psychological Services and has 30 years of experience working with people with a broad range of mental health issues. Angelo is passionate about his work, likes to be thorough and is...

Erin Smith



BS Psych, BS (Hons)(Psych), M.Psych (Clin) 

Age: 18+ years

Telehealth | Monday

Melton | Wednesday - Friday

Erin is a registered psychologist who has completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology at Federation University. Erin has experience working with a diverse range of client populations, and has previously worked with young people and their families in community...

Online Practitioners

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Joseph Gagliano

Counselling Psychologist

B.A., B.Litt. P.G. Dip., M. Psych. MAPS

Telehealth| Age: 17+ years

Monday (monthly), Wednesday

Joseph is a counselling psychologist who has worked in private practice within small and large organisations and a variety of psychology practices including University counselling. His special interests are working with people ...


Jenny McColl

Counselling Psychologist

B.A., B.Ed. (Counselling) MAPS & Fam, McCLIN

Telehealth| Age: 18+ years

Tuesday (Telehealth Only)

Jenny is a counselling psychologist specialising in relationship counselling and marital and family therapy. She is an accredited supervisor and member of the College of Counselling Psychologists. Her special interests are relationship and couples issues; working ...

WPS onLine Staff


Zera Walpole

Mental Health Social Worker


Telehealth Only | Age: 15+ years

Monday-Friday (After Hours)

Zera has significant experience supporting some of our most vulnerable community members, from children and youth in foster-care, incarcerated individuals, people with disabilities and war veterans. As a nationally accredited Mental Health Social Worker working predominantly...

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