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Specialist psychology counselling

to meet your needs.

Our Vision and Mission

 Our Vision

To be a model of client centred best practice in the delivery of psychology services - that enhance the lives of children, young people and adults and support the referring community in doing so.


 Our Mission

WPS  is dedicated to advancing the psychological health of our clients and the community, to assist health practitioners, services and employers to do so in the communities they serve.


Our Values

  • To commit to best practice standards and principles and to continuously develop professional skills and knowledge for the benefit of clients, well regarded consultants and our referrers.

  • WPS values our psychologists and other staff and recognises all are critical to our ability to deliver high quality services and achieve positive outcomes.  

  • To do the best for our clients and to never harm them. We respect and promote their autonomy,  self-determination, without judgement, and tailor our approach to suit their individual needs, capabilities and wishes.

  • To be professionally competent. At WPS we are continually developing our professional skills and knowledge through further education, supervision, feedback and self-reflection. We also recognise and work within our limits of competence and only provide services where we have adequate training or experience.

  • To Be Proactive and Responsive

  • To Be Developers of Needs Based Psychology Services

  • To meet the needs of patients, medical referrers,  community, mental health services, community and government agencies

  • To making a difference to individuals, communities, referrers and work places

  • To work with integrity and professionalism in a safe and supportive environment

  • To conduct respectful relationships with all we come into contact with

  • To be inclusive

  • To inspire, energise and motivate clients and the people we work with

  • To create a healthy psychological and physical life for our clients, ourselves and those around us.


  • Environmental sustainability
    We are serious about being a responsible and sustainable business. It is important to our people, patients, doctors and communities. That is why we work to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions across our practice by utilising solar energy, and having green practices throughout the service.

  • Social impact
    Our responsibility to communities stretches beyond connecting patients to skilled practitioners. We play an important role in supporting the mental health of our local community.



  • Provide a quality best-practice service (high competence, professional, ethical and client-focused) to maximise client and referrer outcomes

  • Establish a team of highly-qualified psychologists with diverse training, special interests and experiences to ensure an appropriate client-practitioner fit

  • Make quality psychology services more accessible by addressing barriers to access, including  financial, geographical and psychological

  • Offer a broad range of client mental health services within the one organisation 

  • Educate the community and other professionals about the wide scope of areas that psychology can assist with.

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