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Supervision Services by WPS Psychologists

Clinical Supervision 

Supervisors play a key role in the training of   psychologist competencies and for area of practice endorsement.


WPS has several registered supervisors that can provide supervision to provisional psychologists, graduates, endorsement or any registered psychologist wishing to engage a private supervisor.

Angelo Pagano- Supervisor Statement

Post Grad and Supervision

Post-Graduate Program


WPS has a highly regarded Student Placement Program, dedicated to the professional learning and development of Masters, Doctoral and psychology  students seeking a career in clinical, educational and developmental or counselling psychology.


The program is unique in its capacity to offer a placement experience with a wide range of client issues and challenging clinical work with complex client groups. Students who complete a placement with WPS  have the possibility of joining our team as registrars.


In addition, we are happy to receive applications for clinical placements from Master's or Doctoral psychology trainees. Please feel free to send a CV & letter summarising placement requirements.

Click here for the Clinical Placement Description

Lyndon Medina- Supervisor Statement

Liana Brasacchio- Supervisor Statement

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