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Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness Training helps you develop a more mindful life to support your emotional and psychological wellbeing, relationships and work life.


Q: How does it work?

In 6 individual sessions you will learn and experience what mindfulness is and how it can be used to deal with stress, anxiety and depression.

In particular:  

  • You will learn a variety of different meditation techniques and be given audio and a workbook to help you develop a consistent meditation practice.

  • We will practice evidenced based mindfulness approaches to loosen the grip of unhelpful thoughts and to assist in managing difficult emotions and harmful impulses.

  • We will use mindfulness as a way of getting in touch with your values and clarifying life’s direction.

  • Increase levels of compassion, positive mental states and inner balance to improve relationship with self and others.

It is also possible for sessions to be tailored to focus more on an aspect of mindfulness training that may be most relevant to you. In the first session we will have an opportunity to assess if the whole program or just certain aspects may be most beneficial to you. We may also decide whether you might need fewer or more sessions.


Q: Who might benefit from mindfulness training?

Mindfulness training is beneficial for everyone, as we all struggle with the tendency our minds have to wander off. As a result, we all get stuck in unhelpful thoughts and battle with our emotions and sometimes act in ways that cause harm to ourselves and others. Mindfulness is a way of reducing our suffering by stepping out of the harmful loops of our thoughts, emotions and our behaviours.

This training will be of particular benefit to you if you have had ongoing issues with stress, anxiety and/or depression and are looking for an approach to help you prevent future relapses.

It is also very relevant to those who have been dealing with workplace stress and burnout.


Recent feedback from this training:

“This has been empowering in terms of what I can do for myself and the small changes I can make that can have a big impact. Thanks!”


Simon Lush is a registered Clinical Psychologist. He has a gentle, warm and non-judgmental approach when working with clients.



These sessions are currently provided online via Zoom.


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Group sessions:

At present group sessions have been suspended until further notice pending COVID-19 government guidelines. We will resume mindfulness training with groups when it is safe to do so. These mindfulness training groups also incorporate complementary nature-based and horticultural therapy activities to promote better mental and emotional wellbeing.

If you are interested in being informed about upcoming mindfulness groups, please provide your contact details below.

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