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If you suffer from any mental health disorder or would like to enhance your mental well-being, the following apps can be very helpful.





The following links could prove helpful to those struggling with their mental health.





These books could prove helpful for your mental and emotional well-being.


  • Various Books- Bev Aisbett

  • Beating the Blues- Robert Leahy

  • The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook-E. Bourne

  • Living with the Black Dog- Matthew Johnstone

  • The Mindful Way Through Depression- Williams et al.

  • Mind Over Mood- Padesky and Greenberger

  • The Reality Slap- Russ Harris

  • The Happiness Trap- Russ Harris

  • Quiet the Mind- Matthew Johnstone

  • Act with Love- Russ Harris

  • The Compassionate Mind Approach to Building Self-Confidence- Paul Gilbert

  • The Tenth Good Thing About Barney- Judith Viorst.

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