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About Us

Our Journey


Western Psychological Services (WPS) opened over 30 years ago, ina small office shared with a physiotherapist delivering psychological services to Melton, an outer western suburbs community in Melbourne. Since then, we have encouraged people to live better lives and are now a highly sought-after clinic for both mental health clinicians and clients.


We work with people who require our support to improve their mental well-being, overcome addictions, combat stress, or bring more balance to their lives. We aim to empower and inspire them to discover new possibilities in their lives. At WPS-onLine, we measure success by the positive impact we are able to make on those in need. We are immensely pleased to see thousands of successfully treated clients. We are proud of every individual who has and is making positive changes to their lives by allowing us to help and support them.


To meet the overwhelming demand for psychological services, we have recently created a platform that offers the convenience of an exclusively online psychological counselling service. At WPS-onLine, we offer decades of experience helping people achieve their personal and emotional goals. We can also help you incorporate helpful mind and behaviour strategies into your daily life to create a positive change in your mood, reduce stress, and enhance confidence, coping responses and communication. We recognise that every person is unique, and our personalised and effective counselling sessions can make a world of difference to the way you live.


What is WPS-onLine? 


WPS-onLine is a professional adjunct counselling service to Western Psychological Services. WPS-onLine solely delivers Telehealth counselling solutions to our client base. We offer the convenience of counselling sessions over the phone or video anytime, anywhere. Yes, that's right. Our clients can choose the day and time of their counselling sessions and attend from the comfort of their homes. Regardless of where you are, our psychological counselling sessions can be accessed by anyone who wants to bring about a positive change in their life.


Our Team


We have a skilled team of psychologists and registered mental health social workers.

Our key team members include: (


Why should clinicians in Australia look forward to working with WPS-onLine?

Access: You will have full access to your files and resources that you would have in any office. It’s possible for you to access the information you need from any device, no matter where you are.

Flexibility: As a remote worker, you can work on the go from anywhere and can be more productive because it means you’re not fixed to one desk.

Collaboration: The loss of face-to-face collaboration is one concern when people work remotely. You’ll have a variety of ways to connect online in real time with the team at WPS-online.

Built-in security: When people work remotely, security is often a concern. WPS-onLine use safest tools and the best practices for file access and sharing to help keep your work secure.


We realise that you consult as consultants who contribute your time and valuable expertise to our business, and that you can be located anywhere in the world, that you need secure access to your practice information, and that you also need to securely work with the people you’re helping.  Our IT tools enable you to access the files and data necessary for you to do your job while keeping your sensitive data secure. Our systems enable you to feel connected and allows you to work at any time from wherever you are, to chat on-line, call or conference with your team. 

For some consultants, working from a convenient remote location is ideal, enabling balancing of work with caring for children or other family members, further education, enabling you to work securely from anywhere at times that are best for you and helps keep you productive. 


Our Office


We have two fixed offices in Melbourne- Melton South and Essendon. 

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