About Us

Our Journey


Western Psychological Services (WPS) started over 30 years ago, delivering mental health services to the community. We encourage people to live better lives and are a highly sought-after clinic for both clinicians and clients.


We work with people who require our support to improve their mental well-being, overcome addictions, combat stress, or bring more balance to their lives. We aim to empower and inspire them to discover new possibilities in their lives. At WPS-onLine, we measure success by the positive impact we are able to make on those in need. It makes us immensely pleased to see thousands of successful treatments that we have achieved and continue to work towards. We are proud of every individual who has and is making positive changes to their lives by allowing us to help and support them.


At WPS-onLine, we offer decades of experience helping people achieve their personal and emotional goals. We can also help you incorporate mindfulness and more helpful thoughts and behaviours into your daily life to create a positive change in your mood, reduce stress, and enhance confidence, behaviour, and communication. We recognise that every person is unique, and our personalised and effective counselling sessions can make a world of difference to the way you live.


What is WPS-onLine? 


WPS-onLine is a professional mental health service, adjunct service to Western Psychological Services, and solely delivers Telehealth counselling solutions to our client base. We offer counselling sessions over the phone or video call anytime, anywhere. Yes, that's right. Our clients can choose the day and time of their counselling sessions and attend from the comfort of their homes. Regardless of where you live, our counselling sessions can be availed by anyone who wants to bring about a positive change in their life.


Our Team


We have a skilled team of psychologists, psychiatrists, and registered mental health counsellors. Our key team members include:


Amanda Abbruzzese


BA, PostGradDipPsych, MPsych (Ed & Dev)


Amanda has a Masters in Educational and Development Psychology and has experience in mental health counselling for children, adolescents, and their families.


Dr. Chaille Breuer

Clinical Psychologist

BA (Hons)(Psych), M.Psych, PhD (Child Clinical)


Chaille is a Clinical Psychologist (Child Clinical), and has extensive experience working with children and adolescents in hospital, community, private and educational settings.


Diane Bulman

General Psychologist

B.A., B.Ed. (Counselling) MAPS


Diane is a general psychologist and helps adults and adolescents suffering from addictions, self-esteem issues, anxiety, depression, and parenting skills.


Josh Byrne

Provisional Psychologist

Masters in Clinical Psychology


Josh is a provisionally registered psychologist experienced in supporting people with a range of challenges, including depression, anxiety, stress management, bullying, interpersonal and family difficulties, sleep challenges, and other mental health issues.


Jacqui Coughlan


BA, Grad Dip Psych, BPsySt(Hons), MPsych(Clinical), MAPS


Jacqui is a Registered Psychologist and has experience working with a diverse client population. She has experience working with adults, adolescents and their families facing a range of concerns, including anxiety, depression, trauma and adjustment issues. 


Niamh Dowling

Early Career Psychologist

BSc(Psych), GradDipPsych, M.Psych (Clin)​


Niamh is an early career psychologist who has undertaken specialist training in Clinical Psychology. Niamh works with children, adolescents and young adults experiencing a broad range of difficulties, including depression, anxiety, emotion regulation, anger management, and more.


Joseph Gagliano


B.A., B.Litt. P.G. Dip., M. Psych. MAPS


Joseph is a psychologist who has extensive experience working with people who struggle with anxiety and depression, bullying and workplace issues.


Rozalia Hecht


B.Sci.Psych. (Hons.),M.Psych. MAPS, MCEDP 


Rozalia is a psychologist and specialises in working with young people experiencing concerns, such as emotional, social and behavioural difficulties.


Ricki Knoetz

Provisional Psychologist


Ricki is a provisional psychologist and has experience in helping people with generalised anxiety, social anxiety, panic, depression, low self-esteem and interpersonal difficulties.


​Rebecca Lyons


BA, Grad Dip Psych, BPsySt(Hons), MPsych(Clinical), MAPS


Rebecca is an early career general psychologist completing her clinical registrar program. She specialises in using a range of therapeutic techniques, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Mindfulness. 


Suzanne Magtanong


BPsych, PostGradDipPsych, MPsych (Ed & Dev)


Suzanne has specialist training in Educational and Developmental Psychology. She works with children, adolescents and young adults experiencing anger management, anxiety, bullying, depression, and other mental disorders.


Jenny McColl


B.A., B.Ed. (Counselling) MAPS & Fam, McCLIN


Jenny is a counselling psychologist specifically trained in relationship counselling and marital and family therapy. Her special interests are relationship and couples issues, and working with depression and anxiety-related problems.


Lyndon Medina


Assoc. Dip. Welfare, BA (psychology), Grad. Dip. Applied Psych. (Counselling), MAPS, FCCOUNP


Lyndon has been a psychologist for over twenty years and specialises in providing individual psychotherapy, facilitating groups, conducting training and providing psychological supervision.


Dr. Angelo Pagano


BA, MBSc.(Prel), DPsych (Clin, Child, Adol & Fam), MAPS, McCLIN


Angelo is the Director of Western Psychological Services and has 27 years of experience working with people with a broad range of mental health issues.


Erin Smith

Early Career Psychologist

BS Psych, BS (Hons)(Psych), M.Psych (Clin) 


Erin is an early career psychologist and is interested in working with people suffering from anxiety, depression, difficult life transitions, grief and loss, trauma and stress-related difficulties.


Why should clinicians in Australia look forward to working with WPS-onLine?


WPS-onLine is a growing practice and offers an excellent work environment. When you work with WPS-onLine, you gain experience on a wide range of client issues and get to work with complex client groups. 


You will receive regular supervision, allowing you to nurture your professional skills. You also get great admin support and a hassle-free work environment.


Our Office


We have two offices in Melbourne- Melton South and Essendon. WPS-onLine offers a range of treatments for people with various psychological difficulties.